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Animal rights activists launch ‘Freedom for All’ campaign | Chennai News


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CHENNAI: Because the nation celebrates 75 years of Independence, animal welfare activists are demanding “freedom from lockdown” for pigs and chickens in cages. Animal safety teams Mercy For Animals and Folks For Animals have come collectively for this initiative.
Just lately, activists from the 2 organisations wearing pig and hen costumes and held placards studying, ‘Freedom for All’, calling for a ban on gestation crates used to restrict pigs and battery cages used to restrict laying hens.
“Pigs confined in gestation and farrowing crates undergo bone degeneration and present indicators of utmost stress, together with biting the steel bars of their crates,” mentioned Nikunj Sharma, chief govt officer of Mercy for Animals India Basis.
“It’s time for the central authorities to ban merciless crates throughout the nation,” Sharma mentioned.
Gestation crates are two-foot-wide and seven-foot-long steel enclosures wherein pigs used for breeding are stored throughout their four-month-long pregnancies. Battery cages are programs of barren wire cages positioned facet by facet used to restrict hens within the egg business. Each forms of enclosures are extraordinarily merciless and stop the animals from displaying many pure behaviours important for his or her bodily and psychological well-being.
“Within the 75 years of celebrating our Independence, we now have moved away from conventional Indian animal rearing. We now have adopted barbaric cage programs which have been invented within the west, for tens of millions of animals,” mentioned Gauri Maulekhi, trustee of Folks For Animals.
“Battery cages for poultry birds, gestation crates for pigs and rape stands for canines are just a few examples of how some giant industrial farmers are violating the Structure, degrading the surroundings and adversely impacting public well being. Animals and birds should not be tortured lifelong in cages. Independence must be theirs too.”
Each gestation crates and battery cage programs violate Part 11(1)(e) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, which states that anybody who “retains or confines any animal in any cage or different receptacle which doesn’t measure sufficiently in top, size and breadth to allow the animal an affordable alternative for motion” is punishable by wonderful for a primary offence and by wonderful and attainable imprisonment for a subsequent offence.


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