February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Amazon Labor Union Loses Ground in Staten Island Push


A workers Staten Island voted against the Amazon Warehouse Union, marking the first loss to the newborn, worker-led Amazon Labor Union (ALU). When the count ended on Monday, workers at the LDJ5 polling station voted 618 to 380 against the union representation. The defeat marked a major setback for ALU, which has been moving at a high pace since its first win last month.

As the company cemented its lead in the vote count, ALU Tweet“Whatever the outcome of the election, workers are uniting for change in LDJ5, JFK8 and around the world. Mega-corporations continue to spend millions on union-basting + fear strategies and we continue to organize for a society that is not based on exploitation and greed. “

Following ALU’s stunning victory at the JFK8 perfection center across the street in April, which is challenging Amazon, the company has turned its heavy-handed anti-union campaign into even higher gear, according to workers.

Organizers say all the anti-union advisers from JFK8 walked down the street to LDJ5, where the number of workers was 1,600, or less than one-fifth of JFK8. Amazon has used common strategies such as mandatory anti-union or “captive listener” meetings, one-on-one conversations, social media advertising, mailer, signage, text and in-app messaging through the company’s internal A to Z app. In addition to these measures, the union said the company prevented workers from hanging a pro-union banner in the break room, which they allowed on JFK8. Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.

Seth Goldstein, a lawyer representing ALU, said the agency had hired at least one anti-union consultant as an Amazon employee. This allows them to blend in with the canvas on the floor, says an LDJ5 worker who prefers to use the pseudonym Maria for fear of retaliation. “It’s kind of like Tactics By Sun Xu, “he says.” One of his methods is to infiltrate, pretend you’re part of the team, and then split and win. They’re doing it. ” Labor consultants are required to file papers with the Department of Labor outlining their fees, although they are often filed after the election. 4.3 million.

Amazon has given free reign to anti-union consultants warehouses during shifts, but cracked down on those who promoted the union while at work. Goldstein said one of the workers was written because supervisors heard him discuss the union at work. These campaigns are broadcast between before and after shifts, during lunch, and during a 15-minute break. “We’re tired, but we just keep it up. We are dedicated, ”Maria said last week during the election. “We’re running on coffee, smoke and morale right now.”

Maria initially did not plan to join the union, but decided to join after attending a captive audience meeting where she heard leaders calling her a “misguided answer” and a “half-truth.” “They said if you go against the union, they will bring you to justice. They wanted to express it figuratively, but it literally sounds like, “he says.” It made me angry. I grew up in a union family, so I know what unions do for workers. ” Once he started wearing his ALU shirt around the warehouse, he says he stopped receiving invitations to anti-union meetings.


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