February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Algorand-built social dApp 2i2i to ensure decentralization with Algoracle » CryptoNinjas


2i2i is a social dApp that allows users to earn coins by meeting with other users. Built in 2i2i algorand blockchain. Algoracle will provide computing capabilities for Algorand’s first peer-to-peer social dApp. Algrocal will support 2i2i with a node network aimed at decentralizing the network.

“We like the way a decentralized Oracle network can be used in the Algorand ecosystem. 2i2i is a perfect example of creative use for Oracle level computing capabilities. Imagine an enthusiastic social dApp that has all the benefits of a decentralized network worldwide!”
– Abdul Osman, CEO of Algoracle

As a peer-to-peer social dApp built into the Algorand blockchain, 2i2i allows users to connect with permission to host.

Hosts have the ability to create and manage a “room” while guests will be able to pay a small fee to see the host or meet the host face to face.

“We want 2i2i to be completely decentralized. Provides income flows to anyone with community controlled and proprietary, including Internet access. Algorithms hopefully provide the ultimate in technology to allow for complete distrust. “
– CEO and co-founder of 1m1, 2i2i


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