October 2, 2022
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9 Best Star Wars Day Deals: Phone Cases, Apparel, Movies


May 4th I’m with you! Take it? It is the fourth day of May. And it spreads with “Force Be With You”. It’s all a little hammy but a good way. Today is Disney’s official corporate holiday for the Star Wars franchise and that means it’s a good excuse to fill your collection with some discounted Star Wars swag. We’ve searched from one end of the galaxy to the other and rounded up these great deals on merchandise, movies and more.

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Media and tech deals

Photo: Best Buy

This one is big. It’s like full of things. This Skywalker Saga The collector’s edition includes three trilogy physical 4K Blu-ray copies, digital copies of the film, a decorative art book and a storage case. It is best to pick before the holidays.

You won’t See This Beskar Ingot M.2 solid state drive is often (since it will be inside your PlayStation 5 or PC), but it is a beautiful design. The standard M.2 drive rectangle is equipped with a rippling basecar design to make it look like the precious metal that Mandlorian used to make his armor.

Photo: Razor

No disintegrations. Okay, maybe something. This special version of Razor’s Xbox Controller (compatible with Xbox Series S, Series X, Xbox One and PC) comes with a dumb fat paint job so you can blast your enemies and capture bounty in style. The controller comes with a magnetic fast-charging stand, which I always appreciate because it’s so easy to forget to charge your controllers in Bounty Hunt. This deal is also available at Best Buy.

Clothing, cases and toy deals

Photo: Otterbox

OtterBox has a wide selection of Star Wars cases for a variety of devices, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. You will see discounts at checkout. For more themed cases, check out Casetify.

If you are picking a new Lego set then this is a low sale and some more great free stuff. Spend more than $ 70 and you can snatch the Mandalarian Besker key chain (here you need to sign up to be a VIP member, which is free), and if you spend more than $ 160, you can get a free Lars Family Homestead Lego . Set just add those items to your cart. Lego Star has also released some new sets for Wars Day, such as this Luke Skywalker Landspeeder.

Enter the promotional code The ball Checkout to see discounts. For May 4th only, MeUndies is offering a 20 percent discount on its Star Wars-themed loungewear, sleepwear and Andes. In my experience, they last longer than the plus, comfortable, and standard department store underwear. They also have lightsabers and spaceships on them

Photo: Difference

Diff Ivory offers several pairs of Star Wars-inspired sunglasses and they are on sale right now. The pair above, inspired by Darth Vader’s monochromatic style, is representative of the price and quality that you will see in other pairs. As summer approaches, it will not be a bad idea to stock up on beautiful sunny sunshine.

Well there are many Star Wars action stats to count, and there are A lot Selling at Best Buy right now. And I don’t mean knockoff, I mean the real deal, the hasbro-branded, collector’s version of the statue. If you have kids in your life, or if someone you know is a factory-sealed-never-open sculptor collector, take a look.

Dozens of Star Wars-themed T-shirts and toys are being sold on Amazon on May 4th. Not all of them are winners, but there are several clever styles and glitches available for Star Wars fans in your life.

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