October 3, 2022
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15 Last-Minute Deals on Mother’s Day Gifts (2022)


When time flies Everything is always happening, so it makes perfect sense if you forget Mother’s Day this Sunday! We can’t buy you time anymore, but we do To be able to Helps you find quality deals with fast shipping so you can still get a great gift. Moms are versatile wonderful, and we’ve got a variety of products ranging from headphones and ebook readers to beauty products and kitchen gadgets.

Don’t forget to check us out Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Guide For more recommendations.

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Digital frames, smart displays and smart speakers deals

Ara Carver

Photo: Ara

My mother’s camera roll is full of three types of photos – Rocky Mountain, my siblings and our family dog. Aura Carver Luxe lets her show off all those pictures like a proud parent and it blends in easily with her home decor. Carver comes in a few different styles and you can visit Aura’s website to find other frame designs (including many sales) so that moms can mix and match throughout the house as her camera roll continues to grow.

Nixplay frames are similar to aura frames, but they look a bit more like digital screens, albeit with better resolution (photos will look sharper). If your mother is on the environment-conscious side, plant a tree whenever Knicksplay buys a frame, knowing she can sleep better. Read our best digital frame guide for more options.

Facebook’s Portal Go (8/10, Wired Recommendations) is great for calling family members and friends, with a camera that senses and tracks your motion as you walk through a room. It doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and digital photo frame, so you get more utility from it. There are other options in our best smart display guide, if Facebook is not your jam.

Mom’s little assistant is small, round and her name is Alexa. The fourth-generation Echo (8/10, Wired Recommendations) is great for anyone who wants to connect and control other smart home devices via voice or rock out with Spotify. Ask Alexa what the weather is like, set a timer or order toilet paper directly from Amazon. Be sure to read our tips on how to protect your Amazon Echo (as you can). The cheaper Amazon Echo Dot, which has a weaker speaker, is also selling for $ 40 ($ 20 discount).

Tech deal

Beats Fit Pro

Photo: Beats

Everyone talks about Dad’s jam, but Mom’s music is just as iconic. Give mom a gift of high quality earbuds to keep everything wet. The Beats Fit Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are Apple’s best earbuds of all time, great noise-canceling technology, spatial audio, Dolby Atoms support, and a comfortable fit. To be honest, they’re as smooth as hell.

If your mom is looking for a new tablet on the go, or even to stay at her bedside table, look no further. The iPad mini (8/10, wired recommendation) is portable and powerful, so it can play as many tabs in the background as it does while binging Moon Night. This is the lowest price we have ever tracked.

Twelve South PowerPic mode wireless chargers

Photo: Twelve South

This little gadget is a frame for the industry or a 4 x 6 photo and double duty as a way for mom to recharge her smartphone (if it supports wireless charging). No need to worry about cable plugging in a phone and it will blend in with the home decor. Read our Best Wireless Charger Guide to learn more.

Use code Mama Checkout to see discounts. Take advantage of this promotion to get sued for some of your acquaintances Or Give mom a few options so she can style her hair with her outfit. Sonix has some nice iPhone cases and includes MagSafe, which means they will work well with MagSafe accessories, if it has an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

I haven’t seen my mother swallow anything like the Dean Kuntz novel. If your mom is anything like me, the new Kindle Paperwhite (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great option for bringing books anywhere with her. This model offers faster page rotation, USB-C charging so you can finally tear that MicroUSB cable and a warm frontlight so it can read comfortably in the dark.

Apple Watch Series 7

Photo: Apple

Calling all #PelotonMoms out there: Apple Watch Series 7 has improved cycling detection. This means you can better track 80s rides with Robin and log more accurate statistics on your calories burned. This is consistent with the lowest price we saw for the Series 7 last month, but it’s still a great deal.

Does mom have an Android smartphone? The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is an elegant, classic watch that matches the power of the Apple Watch in a variety of ways. These include heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection and sleep tracking. Read our best smartwatch guide for more.

Home and kitchen deals

Cafe Afeto Automatic Espresso Machine

Photo: Cafe Appliances

The machine has been at this price for about a month, although it often goes up a lot in early April. This is our favorite super automatic espresso machine, the best latte and cappuccino machine from our guide. It can give a moment of calm in the hustle and bustle of the morning. Thanks to its automatic settings and built-in milk, moms can get all their favorite foamy, caffeinated wells without having to travel to the local Starbucks. All he has to do is fill up the water tank, add his favorite coffee beans to the hopper and let the machine do its magic.

If your mom is a true coffee mate, you can upgrade her to Breville Barista Pro. This machine has a built-in, conical grinder that allows for more precise, fine grinding to get perfectly drawn espresso shots. It also leaves room for adjusting the pressure, temperature and the number of shots you want.

Whether your mom is a regular Julia baby or heats frequently frozen meals, she can probably find a good use for Instant Pot Pro Plus (8/10, wired recommendation). With settings for pressure cooking, slow cooking, sourcing, steaming and sauce video, it makes meal times much easier. With Pro Plus, she can slowly cook her oats overnight for breakfast or make her best fillet for dinner.

This is one of the best looking umbrellas tested in our best umbrella guide. It is large enough to fit two, but light enough that it is not difficult to carry. The cork handle feels delicate, and its bright canopy will glow even in the darkest days.

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