January 30, 2023
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10 Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Your Keto Diet


Syrups make everything taste better. 

Unfortunately, companies add high-fructose corn syrup and copious amounts of sugar to make their syrups taste nice. Eating this can lead to serious health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

woman pouring sugar free syrup

But several brands make high-quality syrup that taste yummy and are healthy.

So in this post, I’ll cover the 10 best sugar-free syrups while going over the pros and cons of each.

Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Best For: Keto dieters who don’t mind the taste of monk fruit and are looking for the cleanest possible syrup.

Lakanto Maple Syrup is a keto-friendly syrup sweetened with monk fruit extract. Containing only one net carb per serving, Lakanto is the perfect syrup to add to your keto pancakes and flapjacks.

It uses clean ingredients like:

  • Non-GMO Lakanto monk fruit extract
  • Natural flavors
  • Sea salt
  • Purified water
  • Natural citrus extract
  • Tapioca fiber

Each serving has five grams of sugar alcohols, two grams of fiber, one gram of net carb and 40 grams of sodium. You’ll also find trace amounts of vitamin D, potassium, iron and calcium.

But you must refrigerate Lakanto syrup immediately after opening because it isn’t like regular syrup that contains preservatives.

When I first opened the bottle, I noticed it had a distinctive coffee syrup smell. The taste also resembles coffee. So if you’re making a keto cake or dessert that has a coconut aftertaste, use Lakanto syrup to mask it.


  • It only contains high-quality ingredients
  • The coffee taste gives it a unique flavor
  • It comes in maple and cinnamon maple flavors
  • Lakanto won’t spike blood sugar levels or trigger inflammation


  • The syrup is quite watery and monk fruit sweetener can taste weird at first

Mrs. Butterworth’s Sugar-Free Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth's Sugar-Free Syrup

Best For: Anyone looking to lose weight and enjoy a thick keto-friendly syrup

Mrs. Butterworth’s offers a thick and rich sugar-free syrup that’s low in calories and carbs. It’s also accessible because you don’t have to order it online. Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar-free syrup is available in most grocery stores across the US.

This syrup contains ingredients like:

  • Sorbitol
  • Natural flavors
  • Cellulose gum
  • Sea salt

One serving of Mrs. Butterworth’s has 20 calories, zero net carbs and no fats or proteins. It’s GMO and gluten-free, making it a tasty option for dieters managing celiac disease or leaky gut.

77% of customers who bought Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar-free syrup gave it a five-star rating. Most people, including me, love how consistent and thick the syrup is when you pour it. You’ll also notice that this syrup doesn’t have that artificial taste you get when using most sugar-free syrups.


  • It’s thick, rich and creamy
  • The syrup is kosher
  • It’s available at most grocery stores across the US
  • It doesn’t have that artificial sugary taste you get with other syrups


  • Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup uses artificial sweeteners

Cary’s Sugar-Free Syrup

Cary's Sugar-Free Syrup

Best For: Those who don’t mind eating sucralose and sorbitol.

Cary’s sugar-free syrup uses sorbitol and sucralose to add flavor. And since Cary’s started making maple syrup over 100 years ago, they know how to make tasty syrups.

Many keto dieters might not like sucralose and sorbitol. Some studies show sucralose to have an impact on blood sugar levels. But this effect is minimal since sucralose has a GI score of zero, and sorbitol’s score is only 9.

So although sucralose might raise glucose and insulin levels a little when consumed in large amounts, it’s nothing compared to high-fructose corn syrup. You also won’t be eating liters of Cary’s syrup in one sitting.

This syrup contains:

  • 15 calories
  • 110 mg of sodium
  • Five grams of sugar alcohols
  • Zero grams of fiber

But the main reason why thousands of keto dieters adore Cary’s syrup is that it tastes just like pure maple syrup. It has that high-fructose syrupy taste you get with most syrups without containing toxic ingredients.


  • It’s a low-calorie option for those trying to lose weight
  • The sodium helps you beat keto flu
  • Cary’s syrup tastes just like regular maple syrup


  • It contains sucralose and sorbitol

Choc Zero’s Maple Syrup

Choc Zero's Maple Syrup

Best For: Anyone looking to gain weight and don’t mind eating a higher-calorie syrup.

Like Lakanto, ChocZero uses monk fruit extract to sweeten its syrup.

Although monk fruit sweetener has an unpleasant aftertaste, you won’t notice it once you get used to it. Monk fruit also offers the benefit of keeping your blood sugar and insulin levels stable, making you feel fuller for longer.

ChocZero is one of the thickest sugar-free syrups available because it doesn’t use water to distill the syrup. It also avoids harmful preservatives, so you must refrigerate it immediately.

One serving of Choc Zero’s sugar-free syrup contains:

  • Two grams of net carbs
  • 32 calories
  • Zero grams of protein or fats
  • 15 grams of fiber
  • 15 mg of potassium

You’ll also find ingredients like monk fruit extract, soluble corn fiber and natural flavors on the label.

You can even buy different flavors like mango, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, raspberry and peach syrup.


  • It only contains two grams of carbs
  • There are different flavors to choose from
  • It’s thick and rich


  • You must use it within 90 days

Pyure Organic Maple Syrup

Pyure Organic Maple Syrup

Best For: Those that want to improve dental health while enjoying natural maple flavor.

Pyure uses the sugar alcohol, erythritol, instead of sugar.

Like xylitol, organic erythritol is a tasty sugar substitute that offers benefits like improved dental health. A 2016 study even found erythritol to be more effective at preventing dental cavities and gum inflammation than xylitol.

Combined with erythritol, Pyure also uses organic stevia extract to add more flavor.

Pyure aims to create an organic product that tastes like traditional maple syrup and offers a thick consistency. One 60 ml serving contains:

  • 13 grams of dietary fiber
  • 10 grams of erythritol
  • Zero grams of fat and protein

Pyure also uses keto ingredients like organic soluble tapioca fiber, erythritol, caramel flavoring and xanthan gum. This makes it a tasty syrup to pour over your flapjacks and pancakes.


  • The erythritol fights cavities and gum disease
  • Stevia leaf extract gives this keto syrup a unique taste
  • It’s a tasty option for weight loss


  • It doesn’t contain fat or protein

So Nourished Pancake Maple Syrup

So Nourished Pancake Maple Syrup

Best For: New keto dieters looking to defeat keto flu 

With only one net gram of carb, this keto pancake syrup is designed for keto dieters looking to quit sugar. It contains a high sodium content to help you through the dreaded keto flu. So Nourished uses different sugar alcohols like erythritol, monk fruit sweetener and stevia leaf extract.

This maple flavored syrup uses chicory root fiber, erythritol, cellulose gum, stevia leaf extract and natural flavoring.

One serving contains:

  • 60 mg sodium
  • Six grams of fiber
  • Five grams of erythritol
  • 20 calories


  • The high sodium content helps beginners fight keto flu
  • It only contains 20 calories per serving
  • So Nourished uses natural flavoring


  • It doesn’t sell a wide variety of flavors

Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar-Free Syrup

Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar-Free Syrup

Best For: Dieters who aren’t sensitive to artificial sweeteners like sucralose.

Maple Grove Farms is the biggest packer of pure maple syrup, so you can bet they make yummy sugar-free syrups.

This syrup tastes just like regular maple syrup. However, they use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol. Even though it’s keto-friendly, these sweeteners can affect your health.

For example, if you’re sensitive to aspartame, you’ll experience symptoms like:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating

If you notice any of these symptoms after eating this sugar-free syrup, avoid it and opt for a cleaner product like Lakanto.

A serving of Maple Grove sugar-free syrup contains:

  • Five calories
  • 55 mg of sodium
  • Three grams of total carbs
  • Two grams of sugar alcohols
  • One gram of net carb


  • You only consume five calories per serving
  • It tastes like real maple syrup
  • You can eat a tasty syrup without being knocked out of ketosis


  • It contains aspartame which can affect some negatively

Wholesome Yum Keto Maple Syrup

Wholesome Yum Keto Maple Syrup

Best For: Anyone looking to lose weight on a keto diet

Wholesome Yum uses monk fruit extract and allulose to make its sugar-free syrup taste and look like real maple syrup.

Allulose comes from dried fruits like figs and raisins, giving it a unique taste. 

It’s around 70% as sweet as table sugar and has a similar taste. Studies even found that consuming allulose decreases body fat, body fat percentage and body mass index or BMI. This makes Wholesome Keto syrup a delicious option for those looking to lose weight.

However, one study found that some individuals may react negatively to allulose. Symptoms include:

One Wholesome Yum sugar-free syrup serving contains 20 calories and two grams of net carbs.


  • It’s 70% as sweet as table sugar
  • Allulose can make it easier to lose weight
  • It only uses natural sweeteners


  • It can cause bloating, gas and nausea

All-U-Lose Natural Maple Flavored Syrup

All-U-Lose Natural Maple Flavored Syrup

Best For: Dieters who want to choose from a wide variety of sugar-free syrups.

All-U-Lose contains zero net carbs and calories, so you can add as much as you’d like to pancakes, ice cream and coffee. 

It uses allulose so your blood glucose and insulin levels won’t spike.

All-U-Lose markets itself as a syrup that’s gluten-free, GMO-free, keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly and low in calories.

It also offers different flavors like:

  • Natural honey
  • Wild strawberry
  • Vanilla bean
  • Blueberry
  • Maple

And if you can’t choose between these flavors, consider the variety pack where you get a little from everything.

One serving has two calories, 5.5 grams of allulose and zero grams of carbs.


  • The low-calorie count makes it easy to lose weight
  • It’s available in several different flavors
  • All-U-Lose contains no carbs


  • Some of the flavors have a bitter aftertaste

Birch Benders Magic Syrup

Birch Benders Magic Syrup

Best For: Veteran keto dieters who don’t mind the taste of monk fruit.

Birch Benders syrups come in a 13-ounce bottle that uses monk fruit extract to create sugar-free maple syrup. This keto syrup only contains one gram of net carb and zero grams of sugar.

It’s available in three options:

  • Classic Maple
  • Maple Bourbon
  • Mind-Body Maple

Mind-Body Maple is my favorite since it contains grass-fed collagen and MCT oil. This way, you can enjoy yummy maple syrup while consuming healthy proteins and fats. 

The grass-fed collagen improves skin, increases hair growth, prevents bone loss and relieves joint pain. The MCT oil is also beneficial. It lowers your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and boosts brainpower. 

When visiting their website, you’ll find affordable pancake and waffle mixes that go well with the maple syrup. It’s keto-friendly and comes in flavors like choc chip, banana and blueberry.


  • The MCT oil helps boost brain power
  • Birch Blenders sell pancake and waffle mixes
  • The collagen content improves skin and hair growth


  • Not all its products are keto

Final Thoughts On The Best Sugar-Free Syrup

Sugar-free syrup allows you to improve the taste of flapjacks, waffles and ice cream while staying in ketosis. 

The syrups on this list resemble the maple syrup we grew up eating as kids. It’s tasty, healthy, and contains erythritol, MCT oil, and collagen that offer potent benefits like improved brain function and healthier teeth.


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